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DMM.Make Akiba

Open! Share! Join! 

DMM.make AKIBA is a co-working space and share factory located in a major electronic town Akihabara, Tokyo. It is possible to make hardware prototypes to business development of the product. A main hub for startups who want to deploy a business for a next generation with members from multiple occupations such as entrepreneur, engineer, designer, students etc in the community. The facility could be a place to obtain a network with corporations and startups or to use as a business base in Japan.



EDGEof is a Game Changers Studio that bridges the gap between virtuous ideas and their implementation, enabling talent and scale for high impact projects. By bringing multiple players, including but not limited to, creators, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, large corporates, and global hubs, all together into a dynamic community, EDGEof accelerates the start-up ecosystem at the global level.

EDGEof Tokyo provides an unique, cutting edge environment at the center of Shibuya, just few minutes’ walk from the world-famous scramble crossing. Added to project floors, EDGEof Tokyo is structured to host events, dinners and even Japanese tea ceremonies, in order to promote integration and scaling of unique ideas and capabilities.


Japan Innovation Network

Japan Innovation Network (JIN) is an accelerator for large and medium-sized companies to spur innovation in companies and overcome the widely held belief that "large companies cannot be innovative". JIN was formed in 2013 from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) "Frontier HR Research Committee" to implement the key findings of the need for a "two-layered management", the systematic approach to manage creativity and productivity in parallel. 

Among our activities, we support Japanese corporations identify a 'challenge' they wish to solve, and scout for startups around the globe who wish to partner with the corporates and enhance their business. We hope we can be a gateway for French startups to expand into Japan through collaborations with large corporations, or even expand to other markets together. 

Makers Boot Camp

Makers Boot Camp supports global entrepreneurs with Japanese small lot prototyping expertise, focused on Project Management and Design for Manufacturing. Aiming to be the main gateway for startups to and from Japan, our role is to promote entrepreneurship at key points from business model to supply chain. In order to engage our local community of students and professionals, we run Kyoto Makers Garage, a makerspace with a co-working area in one of the main hubs for design and craftsmanship. Our facilities are available for International members with a multilingual team and can be free of charge for students, including 3D Printers, CNC and laser cutter courses. We also organize monthly meet ups held in English, bringing guests from many International hubs, when startups get the chance to pitch, get feedbacks and network with local investors and mentors. Our mentors are experienced professionals, including some French engineers and designers working for Japanese SMEs, so stop by Kyoto Makers Garage if you’re in Japan!

Contact: Narimasa Makino (CEO & Co-Founder):

Osaka Innovation Hub

Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH) is a facility organized by the City of Osaka and is located in the heart of the Kansai region of western Japan.

Our mission is to inspire and nurture innovation by bringing together entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and industry from around the world and developing an energetic innovation ecosystem in Osaka. 

We hold over 200 events and seminars every year that lead to exciting new projects ready for the global stage.

For French startups interested in starting business in Japan, especially Osaka and the Kansai region, OIH can provide support by using our network and ecosystem.