Sectorial Experts

They are ready to help you according to their field of expertise. 

Sébastien Béal

Expertise: RetailTech, IoT, AI

Telecom engineer turned entrepreneur in Japan and passionate about innovation in retail, he created Locarise, a next generation retail analytics solution.

Yan-Tarō Clochard 

Expertise : Cyber Technologies

Yan-Tarō is the director for Secure-IC in Japan (since it was launched in Japan in November 2016), as well as Head of Sales for the Northern Asia region. He is a former member of the department for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in Japan, focusing on ICT cooperation (especially cybersecurity, 5G, AI, etc.). He previously was working in the Telecommunication industry.

Secure-IC is a leading company in the field of cybersecurity of embedded systems.

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Jean-Dominique François

Expertise:  BtoB Software, Hardware, Deep tech

For more than 15 years, Jean-Dominique has been instrumental for the growth of start-up companies in Europe and Asia (mostly Japan) whether as manager, shareholder, founder or advisor. Then, thanks to a comprehensive understanding of start-ups and their ecosystem, for 6 years, Jean-Dominique has been appointed several times by French public institutions in order to help French and Japanese private and public stakeholders to better know each other, serve innovative and fast changing ecosystems. He launched the hub French Tech in Japan, French Tech Tokyo, and developed French-Japanese partnerships in innovation. Jean-Dominique is currently CEO of Euro Innovation Centers, Hello Tomorrow Ambassador in Japan and co-founder of the Japan Deep Tech Association (一般社団法人日本ディープテック協会).

Frédéric Nouel

Expertise: Gaming, Publishing, Mobile, Blockchain

With 17 years of experience in developing and publishing videos games on console and smartphone, Frédéric has a deep knowledge of the video game ecosystem.

After he decided to move to Japan, he co-founded 3rdKind in 2011, and focus on smartphone game publishing in Japan. After successfully released it's first free to play title which generated more than 2 Millions dollars, 3rdKind closed a total of 1.5 Million Dollars lead by Japanese mobile operator KDDI and then joined by Adways and Nihon Ventures Capital.

Exclusively driven by passion and the will to succeed in anything he undertakes, Frédéric is always looking for new challenges.

Stéphane Zadounaïsky

Expertise: Consumer Electronics, AdTech, eHealth, other IT

With 10+ years of experience in IT, Consumer Electronics in Japan, Stéphane created Next Level in Japan in 2010 to help foreign companies maximizing their Japanese and Asian business. Next Level is also a digital agency providing SEM and online marketing services to its local Clients. 

Yasmine Djoudi and Thomas Pouplin

Expertise : Fukuoka area representatives

Yasmine and Thomas are the co-founders of ikkai Inc. A HR tech startup based in Fukuoka. ikkai is helping companies and individuals find students to complete short term tasks. ikkai also helps companies find the best matchs for internships and full-time postions based on data such as soft and hard skills, personality and interests. The goal is to help soon-to-be graduates to find a job they will actually be passionate about, thus increasing productivity while also decreasing the turnover rate of many companies. After being granted the very first startup visa in Japan and spending 2 years and a half working on ikkai and building a strong network in Kyushu, they launched a consulting firm (Spear Consulting) with a third co-founder also working in Fukuoka’s startup ecosystem. The goal of this consulting firm is to help foreign entrepreneurs settle in Japan, create their company here and meet the right people.

Bruno Abrioux

Expertise : FinTech, RegTech

Bruno Abrioux-Takano is the founder and CEO of encognize G.K., an independent Japan-based boutique consultancy that focuses on organization transformation and strategic business development, primarily in the fields of RegTech (Regulatory Technology) and FinTech (Financial Technology).

Since 1999, Bruno also has held a variety of IT and business-related senior management positions in Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region, working for global organizations and Fortune 500 companies, delivering mission-critical technology solutions and services to the financial services industry.

Since 2013, he has chaired the Technology Committee of the Futures Industry Association Japan (FIAJ), a non-profit organization aimed at supporting a sound development of the futures, options, and centrally cleared derivatives markets. He serves on the board of directors and is an executive committee member.

In June 2017, Bruno became the executive board member and Japan representative of the newly-incorporated International RegTech Association (IRTA), a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of the RegTech innovation ecosystem around the world.

Bruno is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the New-York University School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS) Tokyo Campus for the Global Executive Certificate program on FinTech.

Bruno earned a master of engineering in computer sciences from the French University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC), with a major in automation and real time systems, and a minor in philosophy, technology, and cognition.