Every legal person who has a proven link with the French-Japanese IT ecosystem is entitled to be a Member of this community. Among them, several special positions have been put into effect since 2017 to secure the proper functioning of the French Tech Tokyo hub.

The Founders

The Founders of La French Tech Tokyo are the founding members of the hub and the warrant of the project. They can, if need be, exclude any Members who would not respect the rules on online and offline communication procedures or on the functioning and objectives of French Tech Tokyo.

The Founders are: the French embassy in Japan, Business France, the French-Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE) and Orange Fab Tokyo.

Mr. Pierre Mourlevat, head of the “service regional économique” in Japan is the official head of the hub for all institutional matters.

The Coordinator

The Coordinator is the main relay of the Contributors for the French Tech Tokyo as well as the de facto representative of the hub for non-Members. He oversees the hub’s activities and he organizes the 4 yearly meetings. He also takes charge of the website: and the different social networks accounts associated with the hub. Finally, he is entitled to bring forward any partnership proposals which will thereafter be reviewed along with the Contributors and the Sectorial Experts.


As of today, Jean-Michel Serre, CEO of Orange Labs Tokyo, Orange Japan Co. Ltd. is the French Tech Tokyo's Coordinator

The Sectorial Experts

The Sectorial Experts manage each their own industry. They will be appointed or reinstated if they can justify their status by their professional, present or past, experience and will be expected to help companies of their sector. Practically, it could by their knowledge, insights, network, etc… Each Sectorial Expert have the task of identifying related expositions and potential partners.

As of today, the Sectorial Experts are as follows:

  • Sébastien Béal → RetailTech, IoT, AI
  • Yan-Tarō Clochard → Cyber Technologies
  • Jean-Dominique François → BtoB Software, Hardware, Deep tech
  • Frédéric Nouel → Gaming, Publishing, Mobile, Blockchain
  • Stéphane Zadounaïsky → Consumer Electronics, AdTech, eHealth, other IT
  • Bruno Abrioux → FinTech, RegTech
  • Yasmine Djoudi and Thomas Pouplin → Fukuoka area representatives

The Partners

The Partners of French Tech Tokyo are the institutions, companies or legal person who have ratified an agreement with the hub (MoUs for example). Every new partnership will have to be signed with the French Embassy or, if need be, a “service regional économique” representative.



Makers Boot Camp


Osaka Innovation Hub

The Members


The Members of French Tech Tokyo, being French, Japanese or of other origins will have total access of the entirety of the hub’s available information and are invited to all events held by the hub. Each Member can also make propositions to the relevant Sectorial Experts