A cross border network is a real advantage when one is looking to tap a global market. This is where newcomers and entrepreneurs established in Tokyo can find a forum to share their experience and knowledge.

alldonet 3

Laurent Safa - CEO @ Alldonet

Alldonet provides custom-built cloud services for a wide range of applications. We specialise in application development for mobile devices, cloud services and connected embedded systems, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

Carlo Perconti - CEO @ HyperDevbox

Carlo is a video game industry veteran with 29 years of game programming experience and 16 years of managing small game companies. Currently C.E.O. of Hyperdevbox Japan since 2005.

Eddie Mehong - CEO @ Yapiko Animation

After being art director in Ankama Studio and directing the group for one year, Eddie became a freelance animator and worked on animated films and cartoon series such as Conan, Lupin, Zettman, One Piece, etc. During that same time, he started a new animation company called “Yapiko-animation” with 2 ex-coworkers from France and 2 others from Japan.

Gonzague Gay - CEO @ TokyoStreetView

Serial Entrepreneur, Gonzague has been a Tech, Automotive Journalist and E-Commerce professional in Japan since 2002 and was awarded in 2008 by T3 International with the Power50 or 50 Most powerful People in tech including Steve Jobs, Steve Balmer, Shigeru Minamoto and many more. He created a new venture : TokyoStreetView,

TokyoStreetView comes from this huge passion that some of us have for Japan in order to offer people around the world the chance to enjoy a bias-free experience of Japan and its many wonders.

Sebastien Beal - CEO @ Locarise

Telecom engineer turned entrepreneur in Japan. Passionate about innovation in retail, Sebastien created Locarise, a next generation retail analytics solution.

Stephane Zadounaisky - CEO @ Next Level Japan

With 15+ years of experience in IT, Consumer Electronics, and Mobile Sales, 10+ of which in Japan, Stéphane has contributed to the growth of a number of prestigious companies in the region. Before founding Next Level, he was the Country Manager at LaCie Japan, and also held positions at Apple (10 years), Google, NEC and the Lagardere Group. He created Next Level in April 2010.

Ozan Kocoglu - Co-founder @ Insert Coin

Ozan is an expert in solutions for mobile phones and is living in Japan for 13 years. After working in digital marketing he specialized in games on mobile phones and is now APAC director for Mobiles et Third-Party Publishing initiatives at He co-founded [Insert Coin!] a Tokyo-based event gathering the professionals of the gaming industry in Japan since June 2014.

Alix Zerd - Co-founder @ Insert Coin

Alix is a 33 years old game industry professional in Tokyo. Co-Founder of a networking event focused on the game industry in Japan, as well as co-founder of a club music label, Alix is very active in many domains. Gamer at heart with a business background, he's keeping a close eye on VR/AR latest developments.

Baptiste Bassot - CEO @ Shearwater Japan

Baptiste Bassot has been living in Japan for more than 10 years. After a few years dealing strategic sales, he became a consulting partner in a practice focusing on internationalizing Japanese businesses through organic growth or external acquisitions. This led Baptiste to create a Consulting firm focusing on strategic business and Cloud technologies.

Baptiste is also involved in a number of ventures in renewable energies.

Nicolas Loeillot - CEO @ Lm3labs

Nicolas Loeillot, founder and CEO of LM3LABS brings 20 years of expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship in Japan. Nicolas has spent the last decade inventing interactive technologies for Fortune 100 companies. He is used to worldwide “firsts” in the computer vision domain.

Guillaume Hansali - CEO @ Wizcorp

Founder and CEO of Wizcorp, a pioneering game and application development company. As a business leader, I have been able to draw upon my engineering background and always consider technology as a fundamental element of any decision-making process. My experience working in Japanese companies and my understanding of Japanese language and culture have also been decisive assets to enable me build up the reputation of Wizcorp as a leading technology company which bridges the gap between Japanese and international markets.

Quentin Brandon - Co-founder and CEO @ Bitcraft

Installed in Japan since 2005, Quentin obtained his PhD (numerical methods and dynamical systems) from the University of Tokushima in 2009. Turning to the field of online services (a natural transition from parallel computing to distributed systems), he became a specialist of large scale back-end systems by being a central engineer in the conception, deployment and support of successful services with millions of active users.

Olivier Martinez - CEO @ Video Solutions

Olivier is a french entrepreneur who has gone up the ladder of the motion picture industry in Paris straight out of high school. After producing a number of short films he has founded a live events filming agency covering the main theaters of Paris. In 2009 he moved to Tokyo and turned to corporate productions for french companies in Japan with VideoSolutions.

Frédéric Peyrot, Founder @ Japan Venture Show

Frederic Peyrot is the founder and host of the Japan Venture Show a platform for entrepreneurs in Japan. From podcasting to consulting services, it offers a wide range of services for start-up businesses. Frederic is also the co-organizer of Pioneers Asia, a massive festival for start-ups, where he's leading the Pioneers Dojo, a 5-month mentoring program for young start-ups. Frederic has a deep passion for tech products. Working as Product Manager for a major telecommunication company, he has been leading the development of smart-cities-related solutions. He's also been running his own Tokyo-based Startup for about 3 years, making B2B2C mobile applications. That's where he recognized the need for a stronger startup ecosystem.

Frédéric Nouel, Co-founder @ 3rdKind Studio 

Before moving to Tokyo, Frederic was a game engineer for 12 years and worked on Nintendo platforms (Game Boy Advance, DS) as well as mobile. In Japan he co-founded 3rdKind in 2011, and focus on smartphone game publishing in Japan. After successfully released it's first free to play title, 3rdKind closed a $500K Dollars investment from KDDI by the end of 2012, and secure a $1,000,000 second round in August 2014.


Christophe Defaye, Founder @ AOKIstudio

Christophe Defaye is Founder and manager of AOKIstudio, Japan. AOKIstudio, created in 2000 in Tokyo, is a creative studio, producing high quality 3D animation for TV commercials and events.
Working as film director and producer for Japanese TV commercials, Christophe has been involved in Children's films from 2010.
He his also the author of a database of international film festivals and a blog about Children's films.